Community Support

When it comes to serving the community, all of us at Max Pawn work to offer as much support to the public as possible through charitable events, helping out in cash flow crises, and being a pawnbroker you can trust.


Serving our neighbors, friends, and family is what life is truly all about. Creating community unites us all and makes us feel like we are part of something much greater than ourselves. From connecting with people to helping everyone reach their goals, being part of a community gives life more meaning.

How We Can Help

  • We make obtaining a pawn loan easy and painless! We understand that anyone can suffer a cash flow crisis, which can be scary and stressful. Let us take the stress out of obtaining the cash you need. Come into Max Pawn and find out how we can help you get a pawn loan.
  • If you ready to clean out your closet, buy some eco-chic luxury items, or just put some money in the back, we’ll give you the best deal in town! If you’re looking to pawn your items, you can bring in fine or designer jewelry, luxury handbags, electronics, musical instruments, and more. In need of some upgrades? Shop brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, GUCCI, Prada, Chanel and so much more!


Join us Wednesday, June 23rd from 6:30 – 9 PM for Pumps, Purses, and Pride!

This event is all about celebrating Pride Month, we and The Center will host a fun-packed evening of shopping pre-loved luxury items, enjoying great company, and of course celebrating our Pride! And we have a super special guest, this event will be hosted by Michael Mack’s nephew, Chase Runaway, and other special drag guests. We hope you come support The Center and the community through great deals, Lip Sync for your Life battles, and fashion shows from Rene’ Tyler 12+ of Fashion Show Mall. Oh, and did I mention, Mack has donated a new Hermes limited-edition Bicycle (valued at $12,000) fashioned with original leather grips and seats, for a hybrid online/live auction during the event. You don’t want to miss this!

Support Your Community

There’s no end to the ways you can support your community, from our Pumps, Purses, and Pride event, to volunteering around your town, giving money to charity, or even just helping someone in need. Make the time and commitment in your life to do what you can to give back and support your community. Here’s to helping!