Las Vegas Pawn Shop Expects Busy Holiday Season as Families Look for Deals


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — As businesses fear another shutdown and community members still struggle to find work, some people are turning to pawn shops for quick cash.

Owner of Max Pawn Shop Michael Mack said he feels fortunate to say his store has been “very busy” throughout the pandemic.

“I think people are looking to stretch their dollars,” Mack said.  Max Pawn offers deals on designer purses, shoes, belts and jewelry – all things luxury. However, Mack said things have slowed down a little over the last two weeks. “People are in that kind of quasi ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ mode and they’re waiting for the governor to make a decision … People are uneasy,” Mack said.
Like customer Byran Duggan.  “I was looking to sell or pawn a laptop,” Duggan said.

Duggan said he lost his job and has bills piling up from everyday expenses to his car payment. “Times are tough right now,” he said.

Mack said he’s hearing similar things from other customers, including his regulars.

“She was going to buy a Cartier bracelet for $4,500 and she was hesitant today. And I said, ‘what’s wrong?’ She goes, ‘well, I’m the top dealer at the South Point.’ Rated as the top dealer, so she makes good money there. She just went from five days a week to three days a week. The place has gotten slow,” Mack said.

But people still want to buy their loved ones presents this holiday season, which is why Mack expects business to spike over the next few weeks.

“What we see a lot of is people coming in selling old merchandise and helping their Christmas purchase. So they’re selling four or five bags and a piece of jewelry and then they come back on this side and spend it on the other side of the store,” Mack said.

Duggan left without a deal. But he still needs the money.

“Most likely I’ll sell it to a private party,” he said.

Mack said he’s confident in the merchandise they do have, but worries for other businesses as more restrictions are on the horizon.

“If it happens again and you’re a restaurant and you did survive, or a business, this could really knock you to your knees.”