Max Pawn: KSNV News 3 Knick-knacks and 2020 memories: Inside the walls of Las Vegas’ iconic pawn shops

From January to February. And March, when COVID-19 seemed to rock the world overnight.

But as Michael Mack, owner of luxury-specialized Max’s Pawn says sometimes it’s not about what on the shelves that tells the bigger story.

“When the pandemic hit, we saw all those electronics, iPads, musical instruments fly out the door,” Mack said. “Playstations and XBoxes, there’s new versions out, but even the old ones, you can’t find them. People wanted one in their house before the pandemic, because that satisfied the house. But now, dad’s home all the time and he wants to play Xbox too.”

So among the purses, coins, painting and knick-nacks in cases, is buried something money can’t buy.

Memories and the hope that soon this COVID chapter will too, all be in the past.



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