Max Pawn is Giving A Hand To The Community During a Difficult Time
We Will Act in Good Faith For Those in Need

In consideration for those financially affected by COVID-19’s (CoronaVirus) economic impact, local pawn and consignment store Max Pawn is offering interest-free pawn loans to Clark County residents.

Similar to the interest-free loans offered by Max Pawn to government employees during the 2019 government shutdown, the Max Pawn team hopes to offer a bit of relief in an uncertain time.

“We’re very aware of how much this virus has damaged our community and many people’s financial security,” says owner Michael Mack. “We are offering interest-free loans that won’t damage credit as an alternative to a predatory payday loan.”

To be eligible for this offer, Nevada residents must bring an item for pawn to Max Pawn to receive a 90-day interest-free loan on the item. The store will request proof of economic impact and asks that guests act in good faith when requesting an interest-free loan.

Guests are also encouraged to make online payments and transactions through the Max Pawn website or app.

In addition to the loan program, Max Pawn has implemented an updated clean house policy. Employees will wear gloves as they handle pawned items and cash to prevent the spread of any harmful germs. Max Pawn is proud to offer paid sick leave to staff, and masks for any staff that request them.