News Now 8: MAX PAWN Handbag resales: A look inside the growing trend in Southern Nevada

Michael Mack, owner of ‘Max Pawn,’ told 8 News Now resale bags are a big part of his game.

“We have demand from tourists for events and weddings,” Mack told 8 News Now.

He said customers come in to buy a slightly less expensive brand, like Coach or Kate Spade, keep it for a few months, then trade it in for a higher cost option, and work up from there.

Mack also offers layaway options for his high-end items.

“We have a lot of nurses and doctors and professionals that love layaway,” Mack added.

For example, if a buyer has an interest on a $4,200 purse, the customer can put down 10% of that and then pay it off in 10%.

“Especially with what’s happening in the economy today, gas prices, people are spending an extra sixty bucks a week,” Mack added.

He calls the layaway option solid for anyone who needs to save some cash.