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UPC 836213000281
Additional Details for eCommerce WITH BOX, USB CABLE
Musical Instrument Condition Rating Very Good - In Great Condition; Primary Features Function Properly
Instrument Appearance 95% - Excellent Condition : Very Clean, might have minor wear
Parts & Accessories - P&A Complete. Includes all parts, accessories.

Yeti Nano features two custom microphone capsules tuned to give your voice and audios exceptional presence and detail, for pro recordings and streamings with legendary Blue broadcast sound quality
Elevate your podcasting, video or game streaming to the professional level with the compact Yeti Nano, providing the production value you deserve so you’ll be heard loud and clear every time
This USB microphone has dual pick-up patterns; cardioid for optimal direct mic recording and streaming, and omnidirectional for creating room-like conferencing or podcasting with more voices
With a small footprint but big sound, the multi-purpose Yeti Nano has an all-new aesthetic that fits on any desktop and looks great on video; easily adjustable built-in metal stand to position the mic
This microphone features no-latency monitoring and onboard headphone output, volume control and mic mute, so you can hear and manage your voice recording in real-time, ensuring unrivalled sound
Plug 'n Play?on?Mac and PC– Instantly start recording and streaming on Mac or PC

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