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Cartier Tahitian Grey Pearl Necklace With Platinum And Diamond Screw Clasp (PRXZX) 144020003681 DO


Cartier Tahitian Grey Pearl Necklace with Platinum and Diamond Screw Clasp. 18 IN length. Platinum and Diamond Screw Clasp has 68 0.03 carat round diamonds. Some pearls have natural, subtle, tiny divets, and range in color from subtle blue-grey to grey to subtle gold-grey. Max Pawn New Conditon. Location Decatur Store.

Material Type Platinum
Weight (in grams) 142
Quality 95%
Length (in inches) 18

Stone Details
# of Stones Color Size Shape Quality
27 Pearl 15 Round Medium
68 Diamond 3 Round High

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What's Not Included


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