Rolex 69088 32mm Datejust 18k Gold Presidental Band Watch Lh1023exzzde


144020006272 Rolex 32MM Datejust 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Bezel Gold Dial Presidental Band Automatic Watch Lhexzzde 144020006272. Wrist Size 5.75 IN. Refrence #69088. Good Pre-owned Condition with visible wear on dial, both crowns are worn, and band a bit loose.

Material Type Gold
Weight (in grams) 70.4
Color Yellow
Karat 18K (.750)
Serial# L265524
Manufacturer ROLEX
Serial# L265524
Manufacturer ROLEX

Stone Details
# of Stones Color Size Shape Quality
24 Diamond 2 Round High
4 Blue 10 Emerald Medium

What's Included

Original Box

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