Louis Vuitton Resale in Las Vegas!

Both the latest and most beloved vintage Louis Vuitton bags find their way to our Las Vegas stores. Explore our original luxury pawn shop on Sahara Ave. or our shop on Decatur Blvd. to see a treasure trove of gently used Louis Vuitton products.

Audrey Hepburn’s Speedy 25

Speedy 25 was designed especially for Audrey Hepburn, who adored the original bag but needed something smaller for day-to-day use. After all these years, the Speedy design is still an icon, both for LV and for Audrey Hepburn, herself. Our shop floods with excitement whenever a customer walks in with a vintage Speedy bag. We take extra care to confirm the authenticity of this beloved, landmark piece of modern history before proudly displaying it on our shelves. 

Saleya MM

As the LV Saleya series is regrettably discontinued, the greatest variety is most often found in resale. Though we can’t hold onto these gorgeous bags for very long, we are often visited by patrons selling their entire Saleya collection. Find your favorite Saleya designs, including the coveted Saleya MM, on the shelves of Max Pawn Luxury.

Supreme Louis Vuitton Backpack

Bold and eye-catching, the pinnacle of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection is, without question, the Epi Christopher backpack. In order to achieve the bright red, textured finish to the leather backpack, the team treats the leather with a unique dyeing process. Each Epi leather bag in the collection bears the unmistakable Supreme logo in large, bold print, along with a more subtle LV monogram. Though it was hard to imagine what the two would come up with at the time, we’re ecstatic to see what Supreme and Louis Vuitton created together.

Other Louis Vuitton Treasures

Every LV creation has a place on our shelves. We sell precious LV monogram bags of every shape and size, ties and sunglasses, shoes and belts, basically any piece of the rich Louis Vuitton history that finds its way through our doors. Please reach out online to see if we have what you’re looking for in stock.

Not in Las Vegas? Buy used Louis Vuitton online including a variety of the latest LV bags.