Used Tiffany Jewelry and Where to Find It

Taylor Swift’s Tiffany Necklace

In her 2017 single, “Call It What You Want,” Taylor Swift hints about a beloved Tiffany necklace, saying,

          I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck, chain round my neck
          Not because he owns me, but ’cause he really knows me

Then in 2018, she came out with a music video for “Delicate” boasting a sparkling Tiffany J necklace, perhaps a gift from her rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. 

While the necklace around her neck is spoken for, you can find a variety of Tiffany letter necklaces if you look in the right place, like our online jewelry store. Wear a J like Taylor, T for Tay, S for Swiftie, or a unique Tiffany letter necklace for your own beloved.

Tiffany and Co. Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Necklace

Not just a jewelry designer and former fashion model, Elsa Peretti is a philanthropist largely responsible for the restoration of Sant Martí Vell, a lovely village in Spain with a population around 250 people. The subtle elegance of Elsa Peretti’s Diamonds by the Yard necklace is loved by many but worn by few. Browse our shop to find the Tiffany and Co Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Necklace, and other works by Peretti.

Tiffany Black Bead Necklace

You can’t find Tiffany’s black bead necklaces in their online store anymore. Their gorgeous moonstone and onyx bead necklaces are out of production, as are their elegant black-beaded with genuine silver beads. To find these vintage necklaces, you will just have to look elsewhere, perhaps our very own luxury pawn shop

Tiffany Jewelry Bean Necklace

The charming and adorable bean pendant by Tiffany represents the origin of all things, likely styled after the lima beans of Peru. Designed by Elsa Peretti, this delightful bean necklace can be found at affordable prices if you know where to look. You can find new additions to our online collection of used Tiffany jewelry nearly every day. Visit our online store to browse for the Tiffany bean necklace and others.

Tiffany Heart Necklace

A classic symbol in jewelry, the heart can be found in many varieties throughout Tiffany’s nearly 200-year history. Perhaps the most modern look is the Tiffany heart dog tag necklace, available with a colorful double heart or with heart lock and key pendants. You can find this modern heart necklace style as well as vintage Tiffany heart necklaces in our online store

Tiffany Charm Bracelet

The most delightful thing about a Tiffany charm bracelet is the freedom to build a bracelet using any variety of charms that speak to you. The Tiffany website will only offer the newest designs: heart dog tags, ladybugs, crowns, palm trees, and other recently designed Tiffany charms, but the Max Pawn Luxury opens the doors for a true variety of bracelet charms.

Tiffany T Bracelet

18k gold and bare, or bedazzled with diamonds, thick or thin, the Tiffany T bracelet is available in a wide variety of designs. You can pay full price at the Tiffany store or find a great deal on pre-owned Tiffany jewelry in our collection. The decision is up to you, but either path will yield a gorgeous and glimmering Tiffany T bracelet.

Tiffany Silver Bracelet

Since its inception in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has designed silver bracelets. Solid and engraved or chain-link and adorned with charms, there is a great variety of silver bracelets than a single person can hope to own. Find your own silver bracelet by Tiffany in our online pawn shop, along with a variety of designer silver jewelry.

Tiffany Pearl Earrings

The birthstone of June, the pearl symbolizes purity, royalty, and immortality. Tiffany pearl earrings highlight the purity of the pearl, from the Pearls by the Yard pearl earrings that dangle a pearl like a raindrop to the olive leaf pearl earrings that highlight the pearl as the pure symbol of peace and prosperity. Shop for Tiffany pearl earrings in our online store as well as other delightful pearl jewelry.

Tiffany Diamond Earrings

From the vintage style of the Tiffany Soleste earrings to the floral imagery of the Victoria and Paper Flowers earrings, there are many Tiffany diamond earring styles to fall in love with. Perfect for anniversary gifts and presents to a beloved mother or grandmother, the diamond earring speaks volumes with its eternal worth. Rather than paying full price at the online Tiffany store, visit the gently used Tiffany jewelry section in our very own online pawn shop.

Tiffany Infinity Necklace

Infinite in scope by its very nature, the Tiffany Infinity necklace is found in two distinct varieties. One has a single, thin chain grasping the infinity pendant at both ends, displaying the symbol of eternity without embellishment. The second has two even thinner chains wrapped delicately around the infinity pendant, creating a unique ensemble of an infinity necklace. Where to find this Tiffany necklace is simple: full price at the Tiffany store, or for a much more affordable sum at a luxury pawn shop like Max Pawn Luxury.

Looking to sell your used Tiffany jewelry? If it’s in like-new condition, includes the original blue gift box, or is a coveted vintage piece, we would love to offer you a competitive price for any of your luxury Tiffany items. Otherwise, come browse our luxury pawn shop and see what we can offer!